Choosing hairstyles for a first date with a girl

Choosing hairstyles for a first date with a girl

Physiognomy is an experimental method in psychology, thanks to which it is possible to determine the type of personality, based on the features of person’s appearance.

Framing your face, namely hair, can say a lot. For example, how selfish you are. The hairstyle will tell about your style, and even about how much you like your surroundings.

To choose the right hairstyle for a first date with a girl, you need to consider several things:

1. Characterize your style and occupation. Then choose the same plain and light hairstyle to maintain the image. But you should make a good haircut so that the image of the restrained does not become boring.

According to statistics, girls like hairstyles with shorter hair on the sides and a little longer at the crown. Or maybe you are creative and love unusual styles and prints? Then you can make the most simple styling or haircut, which will concentrate all attention on your style in clothes. Or are you keen on sports, preferring street-style or sport-fashion trends? Then both the first and second version of the hairstyle will suit you.

2. Think about what she likes. Some girls like brutal men, others like romantic ones, and still others like men who give the impression of being an intelligent person. Ask the girl what male celebrities she likes and take it into account.

3. Consider the structure and length of your hair. If you have curly hair, just emphasize this feature. And vice versa, if you are the owner of perfect hair, do not do something unabashed. Nature has already awarded us all that we need to be attractive. We can only correctly emphasize these features. If your hair is longer than 4-5 centimeters, make sure that it does not look dirty and lie neatly. And if your hair is short, just apply a little styling gel on them at the end of drying.

4. Do not forget about facial hair. If you are the owner of a magnificent beard, make sure that it does not stick out in different directions. Facial hair is a sign of aggression, and such men seem more courageous to women. Men with wide and thick eyebrows should comb them, and, if necessary, remove protruding hairs by cutting them off. Believe me, such a small detail will give the image a more harmonious look, and combed eyebrows will make the look more open.