Differences between Camsurf and Chatroulette

Differences between Camsurf and Chatroulette

Nowadays, it is much easier to find a new acquaintance or make a friend on the Internet than to meet on the street. Modern services of the Internet make it possible in almost one click to get acquainted with a stranger and start communicating with him. Thanks to the capabilities of the Internet, today they not only meet, but also communicate, and fall in love and maintain relationships.

Virtual communication is a popular Internet service

Communication using network technologies has been known for a long time. With the development of the global network itself and modern user devices, it has risen to a very high level. If earlier such communication and virtual acquaintances were treated with at least surprise, today meetings, acquaintances and serious relationships that originated in the network are a common thing.

Many people choose communication among the opportunities provided by the Internet. That is why various social networks, chats and instant messengers are universally popular.

Video chats occupy a special place among services for communication on the Internet. Communication with the help of a webcam and a microphone has become one of the most exciting, because it is as close to usual as possible.

Distinctive features Chatroulette

The idea of ​​communicating on the Internet with a casual interlocutor is very popular and is implemented in many network services. What could be more exciting to meet a person whom you did not know a minute ago and you could hardly ever meet “live”. One of the services that offered this communication technology was Chatroulette. This is one of the first chat-roulettes in which communication partners are chosen at random, similar to how the traditional roulette chooses a number.

The main features of this platform are:

· Very simple principle of operation and use from the point of view of the chat participant;

· For chatting, you can use text messages, voice chat and video broadcast;

· The system has an integrated algorithm that is able to filter up to 60% of adult traffic, and the moderation system;

· To use Chatroulette features, you have to create an account for the user.


Chatting with a casual partner is really fun. On the network, anyone can find many platforms that have implemented the idea of ​​such a simple chat in its essence. Among other video chats, the Camsurf service is not the last in popularity.

To use this platform, you do not need to have deep knowledge and special practical skills. Everything works very simply and a minimum of elements are used for control.

Distinctive features of this service can be considered:

· Presence of text, voice and video chat;

· The use of high-speed servers, which makes it possible to create a high-speed connection;

· Availability of a free application for use on phones;

· Communication takes place without registration of users;

· The ability to select interlocutors who are close to you, and filtering content for adults.