Fear of online communication

Fear of online communication

The sphere of human relations and human communication is of interest to a large circle of people. It is difficult for a normal person to do without communication with other people. Most people are looking for companionship, and they enjoy it.

In our information age, human communication has also acquired new features. Its new ways and forms have appeared, and more and more often people choose certain services of the Internet for acquaintance and communication.

Online communication forms

Technologically and organizationally, the modern Internet provides very wide opportunities for communication in the network. On the vastness of the Internet, there are many services through which you can easily and affordably exchange information with friends or close people. It is also possible to meet and communicate with strangers and make new friends. Also, network services are very widely used for dating and relationships between representatives of opposite sexes.

The most popular services for communication on the Internet can be considered:

· Popular social networks, for example, Facebook;

· Sites and applications for dating between men and women;

· Services for organizing chats in various forms: text, voice and video chats;

· Services for the exchange of emails;

· Forums and online gaming platforms and much more.

What to do to overcome your fear of online communication?

Although communication with people is an important and integral part of our life, but for many, communication with strangers can be difficult and create certain inconveniences and even cause fear. Moreover, even virtual communication, which can take place anonymously, is not much easier and simpler in this respect.

A person who is afraid of communication in everyday life also applies to online communication. If necessary, communication in such a person can change both emotional and physical state. All this leads to the appearance in such a category of people of such a phenomenon as social anxiety, which is not conducive to his social life.

How to overcome this phenomenon? What steps to take to get rid of this attitude towards communication? Let’s consider some of them:

· Perhaps the most difficult will be the struggle with oneself and first of all it is necessary for oneself to admit the existence of such a problem;

· The solution to this problem depends only on the person himself and his experience. It is unlikely that a one-time visit to a psychologist or a popular article in some magazine will solve the problem of overcoming the fear of communication. You need to be patient and persistent. As a rule, nothing will work the first time, but you do not have to despair right away;

· If you are not ready to communicate with strangers, then it is worth improving your communication skills with people you know. Such people will be more tolerant of your characteristics;

· When there is a need for dialogue with strangers or unfamiliar people, then the topics for conversation should be chosen more “safe” and neutral. For example, the weather;

· The most important thing in overcoming the fear of online communication is overcoming your own doubts. Even if during the presentation of a question you show excitement – this is not the greatest drawback.