Five questions for a first conversation in a chat

Five questions for a first conversation in a chat

The first dialogue is one of the most important. This is a great way to characterize yourself as a person and characterize another person. Dating is always fun and interesting. Questions can be ordinary, easy to answer, or they can be thought-provoking. It is worth alternating them so that communication is fun, but at the same time continues to be at ease. Here are a few key topics that will work well for your first correspondence:


Everyone in this world has their own views on life. Ask him or her about the future. What are the plans and goals of your interlocutor, what his dream is about? Ask a person to describe themselves, to talk about their pros and cons. Ask what he values ​​in other people and the opposite field. Find out what influenced the life or worldview of the person sitting on the other side of the screen, what difficult decisions he had to make.


Reading, photography, tourism, art, cooking, sports, computer games … and much more! Ask about how the other person likes to spend leisure time, whether he or she likes outdoor recreation and where he or she wants to go on their next vacation. Find out about food and drink preferences and what places your partner likes to visit.

Relationship views questions

For many people in a relationship, trust, attraction, honesty, financial stability are important. There is also such a thing as “languages ​​of love”. These are actions with the help of which people feel loved and show their love. Words, gifts, the time they devote, tactile contact, moral and physical assistance. It is very important to raise these topics, if the purpose of your being in the chat is exactly the relationship.

General topics

Raise the topic of pets and love for them. Find out what mood a person has. How he likes to spend his day. In what area does he work? Does he like sports? Questions of this nature make it possible to exclude the interlocutor from the feeling that he is in an interview and make your communication more relaxed.


Here you have an opinion about a person, if it is positive then it is time to act. If you are not sure that the person you are interested in has the same positive opinion as yours, ask directly. Find out what his plans are for tomorrow, or, conditionally, for Friday evening, and suggest spending free time together, for example, over a cup of coffee in a cafe.