Sign language on the first date with a guy

Sign language on the first date with a guy

Whenever you meet a girl, you know literally nothing about her. It is difficult to judge by appearance about the character, temperament and other features. In addition, it is impossible to say what impressions you have about her, whether you liked her, or she leads a friendly conversation out of politeness.

But to understand what a woman wants, it is enough to pay attention to gestures, which are involuntary signals, a demonstration of thoughts.

When you only get acquainted with a girl, you do not know anything about her, nor about her character, nor about her temperament. Moreover, you do not even know if she liked you. Or she talks to you out of politeness.

Evaluative look

If a man sees that a girl looks at him, he may be embarrassed, look away, and look at the floor. If you are interested in a lady, let her carefully examine you. If she stares at you, she is very likely to want to meet again.


The body language of the weak half is a delicate and complex matter. A little attention … and you can understand if she likes you. This is noticeable in posture – a woman straightens her back. Thus, she knows what will look most attractive in your eyes. If the pose has changed, relax – she likes you.

Girl exposes body

Women attract men not only with a pretty face and mind, but also with their body. And therefore, on a subconscious level, the representative of the weak half will slightly push the edge of the dress, pretending to be stuffy. By the way, she does this not on purpose. This is a clear sign that leads to the fact that she has tender feelings for you and seeks to show her sexuality.


When the acquaintance has gone beyond the first date, the woman will continue to give signals. So, if she sits closer to a man, she probably enjoys being in your company. It is worthwhile to react positively to such a desire, making it clear that you are not against reducing the distance.

Body play

If a girl is wearing jewelry, she will slowly twist it, touch the earrings, a bracelet on her hand. Thus, she unconsciously tries to attract your attention. Also, women in dealing with men who they like touch their hair and neck, which indicates their readiness to proceed to the next stage of the relationship.


If the lady feels you next to her as comfortable as possible, she can relax. At this point, gestures become very important. A man will definitely catch this moment and will understand that the woman has become more liberated.

Biting lips

If a girl sits nearby, listens to you, she may begin to bite or lick her lips, which indicates a desire for sexual intimacy. Such gestures indicate that the guy is a sexually attractive object for her.

If in the process of communication you notice new gestures, be sure to pay attention to them. They are able to tell that the subject is ready for something more than a banal friendly communication.