The alternatives to TinyChat

The alternatives to TinyChat

A person cannot live without communication. It goes without saying that it is difficult for anyone. However, modern life leaves very little time for traditional communication. The way out of this situation is to use modern information technologies and the Internet.

Benefits of communication in the Internet

Internet communication attracts a lot of people around the world. Today it is hardly possible to find a person who, having access to the Internet, has never used services for communication.

Such popularity of services for online communication is due to many advantages:

· To communicate in the Internet is simple and it does not require a lot of knowledge and skills;

· Online communication is available to everyone – men and women, people of different age groups;

· To communicate in the Internet you need a minimum of software and hardware, and you can communicate anytime and anywhere;

· In the process of communication, you can create any impression about yourself and easily change images;

· Online communication does not commit to anything, so it can be simple.

TinyChat features

Services for online communication are varied and available to everyone. Probably the most popular among other services is communication in video mode using a webcam and a microphone. There are a lot of video chat services and their number is constantly growing. One of these video chats is TinyChat.

TinyChat is a service that integrates text, voice and video chats. They can be used separately or in combination. The basic features of the TinyChat service are:

· Organizing a video chat with a random interlocutor according to the roulette principle;

· Organization of thematic chat rooms in which the chat is dedicated to specific topics. These chat rooms can have up to 12 active participants.

TinyChat service analogues

TinyChat is not the only video chat. It has many analogs that provide similar services.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these services. For instance, it is Output Messenger. The main features of this resource are:

· Messaging in local and global networks;

· Joint and group text and video chats;

· Voice and video calls and file sharing.

Another group chat app is Zulip. The service makes it possible to organize a group chat, and also allows you to exchange text, voice and video messages, as well as files.

Camfrog is a free platform for organizing live video communication. It can be used both through the site and after installing special applications that work on the Android and iOS platforms. You can also make voice and video calls all over the world and exchange files.

Linkchat is another analogue of TinyChat. It works without registration and provides video chat services or makes it possible to organize a video conference.