The benefits of communication with strangers

The benefits of communication with strangers

It is a well-known fact that we began to meet less often, spend time together, it is much easier to communicate in social networks using modern communication programs that allow you to talk to people from different parts of the world.

Why does a person prefer to communicate with strangers than with friends? This is due to several reasons:

  • friends not always share your hobbies and interests. The Internet creates clubs and communities of friends for completely different and even unusual interests. For example, a club of beer lovers or extreme cycling races, a community of dog breeders, a society of arachnophobes and butterfly lovers and so on;
  • you cannot always tell your friends about your grief. You do not want to upset them, you do not believe that you will be understood and supported. Seeing tears or indifference in their eyes, your condition can only become worse. Or vice versa, everything is fine, you fall in love, but you do not want to talk about it with your friends. In these cases you can tell everything to a random interlocutor;
  • telling your secret to a stranger, you cannot be afraid that your friends and relatives will find it out. Not everyone knows how to keep secrets, especially if a quarrel arises between friends;
  • a friend cannot always give good advice. A stranger could see your situation and help you;
  • communicating with a stranger, you develop your horizons, learn about new countries, hobbies, views on life. You can discuss various topics that are far and not interesting for your friends;
  • talking with a stranger, you can develop your communication skills, learn how to hold a dialogue with people of different characters, temperaments, political and religious beliefs;
  • communication with a stranger can turn into a romantic relationship. The number of married couples who found each other in the Internet is increasing every year.

And the most important advantage of communication with a stranger: remember that your closest friends were once strangers to you.

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